For the past 30 years, Enock Mpira has enjoyed creating wooden art, using a variety of local woods for both traditional and innovative designs based around life in Malawi.

The 39 year old Malawian artist was born in rural Dedza in Nsolo Village, T/A Kachindamoto. His brother attended a local school of art while Enock was still in primary school.  So inspired by what he saw his brother producing, Enock also embarked on learning the art of wood carving, receiving advice and informal training from Fr. Claude Bushy at the Mua Mission in 1987. 

Since then he has cherished every day of his job and values the opportunity to train other carpenters in carving techniques.  

Watch him in action creating the wood art pieces at the onsite workshop, located behind the gallery.

Kizito Chikoko, Painter
Kizito is a Dedza artist and friend of Enock’s who displays his work at Mpira Wood Art Gallery.  Born in Bikiele Village T/A Kaphula, Kizito taught himself art through reading & experimenting.

In 2000, Kizito was recognized for his talents in an art competition run by the BBC Focus magazine.  Kizito uses oil and acrylic on prepared canvas to produces art pieces representing life in Malawi.

Enock’s enthusiasm for pleasing customers is evident whenever speaking about his job, “Every time I do this work, I feel it and I love to create things that other people also love”.

Enock Mpira,  
Wood Carving Artist