Carving in Action
The Process

Individual pieces of wood are selected and cut according to the design style of an item.

Each piece is then chiseled by hand, sanded and polished. This process takes a few days depending on complexity and other orders being produced. 

Check out below images below demonstrating stages of making a Leaf bowl and Thin Figure Panel.  


A variety of woods are sourced from local forests which are used in the carvings including:

Mahogany, ebony, iron wood, white silinga (“mtumbu”), gimerina (“malaina”), mtangatanga & wild mango (“mtondo”).  All woods are carved and smoothed with variety of hand tools such as chisels, saws and sandpaper.


Please check out further details about the Product Range and Photo Gallery of items available at the Mpira Wood Art Gallery.

Please click on an image to see an enlarged version.