Chief chair
  Side table
  Serving Fork/Spoon set
  Large Bowl (Salad/Fruit)
  Serving Trays, set of 3
  Salt & Pepper shakers
  Candle stick holders, 3 sizes
  Walking sticks
  Bookends, animal or head themes
  Jewellery Box, internal shelves
  Variety of container shapes
•	Thin figure panel, wall hanging
•	Wall Panel, animal & Malawi themes
•	Picture Frames, smooth or pattern
•	Bawo game
•	Figurines of Malawian people (Mother & child)
•	Figurines of animals (elephant, crocodiles)
•	Masks, traditional Malawian, large & small
•	Boats, traditional Lake Malawi
•	Map of Africa, including animals (flat)
•	Leaf Bowls (open top of carved floral branches)
Range of Wooden Art Pieces

We provide a diverse range of wooden art pieces available for purchase at the Mpira Gallery which include both decorative and functional/domestic items as listed below.  Please note, currently we do not offer online ordering, so please visit the gallery or phone/email to discuss orders.

You can find images of each item in the Photo Gallery.  Special Orders can be made according to your preferences so please see below for further details.

Commissions & Special Orders 
Enock is familiar with being commissioned for unique, customized designs both within Malawi and abroad.  He enjoys the opportunity to create new pieces and is committed to never let his customers down.  

Prices for commissions and special orders will be negotiated after discussing the design, size and wood quality.  A deposit of 20% is required before starting the order which assists in buying materials and encourages commitment to collect.

Special orders can be arranged to ensure availability of multiple numbers of standard pieces.  Please contact Enock at least 1 week prior to your visit to ensure availability.Location_%26_Hours.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0